Parish subsidy

It is the policy in the Diocese of Fall River that persons in good standing in their parish may receive a parish subsidy if they are faithful to weekly Mass attendance and contribute regularly to the parish using the budget envelopes.  Parents with children in grades 1-8 must contact the pastor to apply for this subsidy.   

Foundation for the Advancement of Catholic Education

The Diocesan Foundation for the Advancement of Catholic Education provides financial assistance to families in need for grades K-8.  Apply online here.

St. Joseph Fund Assistance

We believe Catholic education should be available to all families.  St. Joseph School has a small scholarship fund for tuition assistance.  Families who have applied to FACE are eligible for this additional aid and will be evaluated based on their additional need.

This fund is possible through the generosity of many donors.  If you are able to donate and help support another student,  Thank you!


Through the generosity of many donors we are able to offer scholarships to help families in need. We are grateful to everyone who supports our school.

Here are 3 ways you can support St. joseph School:

  1. Make a donation to our Annual Appeal.
  2. Participate in one of the fundraisers organized by the PTO and/or Advancement Office
  3. Give of your time to help around the school.

We invite you to pray about how God is calling you to support St. Joseph School and appreciate your generosity!

Multi Sibling Discount

We offer a $200.00 tuition discount to families who who have more than one child enrolled at St. Joseph School.  The first child pays the full tuition and a $200. reduction is given for each additional child.