Our faculty and staff are essential to providing students with a quality, challenging spiritual and academic education, a safe, caring learning environment, and fostering development of the whole-person.

For faculty

 Rev. Stephen Banjare, ss.cc. – Pastor pastor@stjosephparish.comcastbiz.net

 Mrs. Faith Piazza – Principal fpiazza@sjsf.dfrcs.org


 Mrs. Misti Nordstrom – Assistant Principal mnordstrom@sjsf.dfrcs.org 

 Mrs. Tracy Travers – Director of Advancement ttravers@sjsf.dfrcs.org            


Mrs. Katie Botelho – Bookkeeper kbotelho@sjsf.dfrcs.org

Mrs. Isabel da Costa – Secretary idacosta@sjsf.dfrcs.org

 Mrs. Deborah Cronan – Preschool (Mrs Cronan’s Class Web Page )         



 Ms. Catherine Day – Preschool (Ms. Day’s Class Web Page)

 Mrs. Kim Centeio – Preschool Assistant   

 Mrs. Teresa Ronhock – Kindergarten (Mrs. Ronhock’s Class Web Page)


 Mrs. Becky Drouin – Grade 1 Assistant 

Ms. Anne Weinhoffer-Grade 2

Mrs. Michelle Swallow– Grade 3

 Ms. Krystie Medeiros– Grade 3 (Ms. Medeiros’ Class Web Page)

 Mrs. Joan Thomas-Mello – Grade 4 (Mrs. Thomas-Mello’s Class Web Page

 Mr. Michael Cholette – Grade 5 (Mr. Cholette’s Class Web Page) 

 Mrs. Adele Monticello – Grade 6 homeroom – Middle School English Language Arts & Literature  Mrs. Monticello’s email
 Mrs. Misti Nordstrom – Grade 7 homeroom – Middle School Math & Science (Mrs. Nordstrom’s Math & Science Web Page
 Mrs. Kathleen Farrell-Packard – Grade 8 homeroom – Middle School Social Studies & Religion (Mrs. Packard’s Social Studies and Religion Web Page)

 Mrs. Sheryl Casmira – Art    


 Ms. Danielle Lopes – Spanish

 Ms. Kathy Clement – Librarian

 Mrs. Jane Pease – Nurse   

Mrs. Ashley Dennen – Nurse



Mr. Jose da Costa – Custodian