Our Mission

Saint Joseph School is a Catholic learning community devoted to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary and dedicated to providing a quality spiritual and academic education based on faith, values, and excellence that meets the needs of our students and their families.

Saint Joseph School is an integrated part of a larger faith based parish community of St. Joseph Church and is dedicated to proclaiming the love of God as found in the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Our school seeks to provide a quality Christian education that meets the academic and spiritual needs of our students.  All children will learn and grow in a faith-based environment that is nurturing, safe, and encouraging.

Our school environment fosters love of God, respect for oneself and others, compassion, justice, and service. Learning experiences challenge students to grow in understanding and appreciating their human worth, to take responsibility for their own learning and development, and to care for the world in which they live. The school encourages students to develop responsibility towards themselves and others and fosters respect for all persons and the world around us. Guidance in making good choices based on Catholic values is integrated throughout the curriculum.