EVERY DAY is Open House Day at SJS!

We believe the best way for you to get a feel for our culture is to experience it while it happens. Just call to schedule a personal tour, designed with YOU and YOUR CHILD in mind! The Director of Advancement may be reached at 508-996-1983 or ttravers@sjsf.dfrcs.org

A student Spend-A-Day is another good option, designed to allow students to experience a portion of the school day from a student’s perspective.  Call our school secretary, Mrs. da Costa at 508-996-1983, to schedule your child’s special day with us.


Saint Joseph School
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Fairhaven, MA 02719


Tel: (508) 996-1983 7/26/19 We are having some technical difficulties with this line.  If you receive a busy signal please call 508-996-6075.  Thank you!
Fax: (508) 996-1998


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