When my daughter was about to go to a public junior high, we turned to St. Joseph. They welcomed her with open arms. She is able to get that one-on-one with her teachers. This was the best decision for my 12 year old. The staff is amazing. She isn’t just another face in the crowd! Thank you Saint Joe’s!

Lynne Gomes – Parent

We like Saint Joseph because of the community. All the teachers, administration and staff seem to know every child by their first name, whether or not they’ve ever had that child in their class. Also, St. Joseph does a wonderful job teaching respect, compassion, and empathy for all people. Staff goes above and beyond to make sure each child’s individual needs are met and the special events that take place throughout the year are wonderful at bringing together the school, the community and extended families.

Heidi Choquette-Gonsalves – Parent

I taught at a public school and I found I make more of an impact here at SJS compared to the public school. Here I am inspired and excited to work with thankful students and their families. I help prepare my middle school students for high school, no matter where they go. Middle school years are critical years in their development and at St. Joseph, we steer them to have a higher responsibility- to be kind. It’s like family. We build lasting relationships with our students.

Misti Nordstom – 7th Grade Teacher

I have been here for 25 years, first as a volunteer, then as a teacher. I love this school because of its family environment and you get to know the families personally. You see them grow up and then you get their siblings. Students form lifelong friendships here. My own three children graduated from SJS, it’s a safe, caring environment with high accreditation standards.

Deb Cronin – Pre-K Teacher

Thank you so much for giving me such a great education. I have made so many awesome friends, I have a lot of fun, and cannot wait to enjoy this year and all the years to come. Thank you all very much for becoming a big part of my life and family.  Kalisa Pomfret-Grade 5