We chose to move our children to St. Joe’s because we liked the small school family atmosphere.  We love the open lines of communication between parents and faculty,  and that they make it a priority to involve parents in the community. From frequent parent-teacher meetings, social events such as breakfasts, Trunk or Treat, movie nights and the participation of parent committees in fundraising initiatives, the families at St. Joe’s become an integral part of their child’s education. This common ground also helps strengthen parent-child relationships. Whether we are dropping off our children, picking them up, or coming for an event,  its amazing that the entire staff know all of the children’s names, who they belong to, and do a wonderful job making them feel at home.  Each day our children are greeted by staff with smiles on their faces.  Both of our children have excelled academically in both ELA and Math, but also Science, Social Studies and Spanish.  The programs offered at St. Joe’s provide exceptional and challenging academic experiences – whether its aftercare, clubs or tutoring, the staff put the students first.  St. Joe’s has been a great experience for our children!  We can’t wait to see what the future brings!  
Maggie Kuppens- Parent

Thank you for all you and Mrs. Savoie do! I am at ease (and have always been) knowing Mrs. Savoie is there.  She goes beyond what a teacher does and treats her students as her own children and with the world the way it is, she should be recognized! Thank you all for what you do!   
Katie Connolly – Parent

I’m so grateful to all of you.  My son is a different kid/student ever since he has been there.  THANK YOU!!   
Argentina Conceicao – Parent

For me, a big thing is the peace of mind I feel while my kids are at school at Saint Joe’s. I know they are safe. They are learning in a calm, caring and consistent environment. I feel a great sense of belonging to the school community – from the teachers to administrators and all the staff, you feel it! “You want to go where everybody knows your name” (Cheers)   
Jen Govoni – Parent

I have been here for 25 years, first as a volunteer, then as a teacher. I love this school because of its family environment and you get to know the families personally. You see them grow up and then you get their siblings. Students form lifelong friendships here. My own three children graduated from SJS, it’s a safe, caring environment with high accreditation standards.   
Deb Cronin – Pre-K Teacher

Saint Joe’s is more than just a school, it has been a second home for my children. All of the teachers and administrators know every single child’s name and welcome them with smiles every day.   
Abigail Hevey-Parent