Welcome to Saint Joseph School. We are pleased you are considering a catholic school education for your child. Please explore our website and Facebook page to get a feel for what St. Joseph School has to offer you and your child.

In 1905 the Community of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary were invited to build a parish community at St. Joseph Church in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. Later, in 1908, a small group of sisters arrived from France to establish a teaching ministry. Under their leadership and guidance the school flourished and expanded with the construction of our current building in 1964.

Over one hundred years later, the mission of the school still remains focused on “providing a quality, spiritual and academic education that is based on Faith, Values and Excellence.” Our goal at Saint Joseph School is to help each student attain his or her true potential in order to become a successful life-long learner and embrace the future with prayer and hope. We integrate faith with academics, social outreach, and extracurricular activities. Students at Saint Joseph School are provided the tools they need to develop emotionally, intellectually, physically, and spiritually in a caring and creative environment.

Accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEAS&C) and the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), St. Joseph school offers a breadth of expertise within a multi-faceted curriculum designed to meet individual needs. Our state-certified teachers challenge students to develop critical thinking and decision-making skills in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

The Saint Joseph School faculty provide core curriculum, including: language arts (reading/literature, writing, phonics, spelling, grammar, speech), math, science, social studies, integrated technology, and religion. In addition, St. Joseph School offers specialized instructors in music, library, physical education, art and Spanish.

In an environment that promotes confidence and self-esteem, our students learn early on to establish good, self-directed study habits. Teachers and Administration work closely with parents to ensure that the academic, social and spiritual needs of every student are consistently met. Trimester report cards, parent teacher conferences, MAP Reading Fluency, MAP Growth testing and consistent formative assessment results help parents and teachers communicate and strategize about how best to serve each student. We strive to allow students to realize their full academic potential.

As important as academics are at St. Joseph School, we place an equal emphasis on community. Students at St. Joseph School develop an appreciation of others’ opinions and acknowledge the dignity and worth given by God to all people. The entire student body, faculty, and staff participate in the school’s community service programs, collecting nonperishable food, providing donations, and direct service to the poor, hungry, physically challenged, homeless, elderly and children.

A Catholic education encompasses the whole child, and is the single most important step in your child’s education plan. It is here in an atmosphere of trust and love that your child will begin a spiritual journey. Elementary and Middle school is an important and unforgettable time, and for many of our students it is the most time they will spend at any one school or college. I have often heard alumni state that their time spent at Saint Joseph School was the foundation of who they are today.

I invite you to visit Saint Joseph School in person. I look forward to meeting you and helping you make a Catholic school choice for your child’s education. Please call (508) 996-1983 for further information. In the spirit of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, may the Lord bless you and your families.

Mrs. Faith A. Piazza, Principal