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Saint Joseph School - Fairhaven, Massachusetts


LIFE: Educating the Whole Student

For children, school is a home away from home. A place they can call their own. Our safe and nurturing setting provides so much more than just an excellent academic education. Students are taught to value and respect themselves and each other. We nurture each and every learner by reaching out to the whole being of the child, exercising their senses, their hearts, their imaginations, their individual talents, and most important their diverse intelligences.

Vocation of the Student

God has called you to be a student in a Catholic school. Therefore, you should:

  • Seek to know Christ by studying His life and work
  • Strive to become Christ-like and be an example to others
  • Share your thoughts with Christ as you would with your best friend
  • Participate actively in the Eucharist
  • Desire to know the universe as God's creation and care for it
  • Love the truth and search for it
  • Examine statements and do not accept them blindly
  • Do your best in study and work
  • Work with a sense of responsibility
  • Accept difficulties with courage
  • Respect all people because God created them
  • Help others